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About Robots.txt Generator

Our Robots.txt Generator Create effective robots.txt files to ensure that Google and other search engines effectively scan and index your site.

Robots.txt contains website crawling directives. This standard, often called robots exclusion protocol, tells bots which parts of a website to index. You can also define which regions you don't want crawled, such as duplicate material or areas under development. Bots like malware detectors, email harvesters don't follow this criteria and will scan for security flaws. They may begin analysing your site from regions you don't want indexed.

Below "User-agent" you can add "Allow," "Disallow," "Crawl-Delay," etc. Manually writing it could be time-consuming, and you can enter numerous lines of commands in one file. If you want to omit a page, type "Disallow: the link" Same goes for the allowing property. One erroneous line in the robots.txt file can prevent your page from being indexed. Let our Robots.txt generator handle the file for you.