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Using the Link Analyzer Tool, you can compare your link profile to those of your competitors, as well as identify the best sources of links for your site. Many of the most popular search engines consider links to be an indicator of a website's credibility or a vote of confidence. Another way of getting the kind of high-quality traffic you're after is to build links with useful material on them. As a result, having access to free link analysis tools is critical.

Due to the ease with which Qwikseotools now allows you to run frequent link audits and respond to the recent Penguin update, it's the perfect tool for both. When a search engine spider lands on a particular page of your site, it may quickly detect both external and internal links, which you can examine using our Link Analyzer Tool. When a search engine like Google crawls a website, its internal link structure and the relationships between individual webpages are evaluated by using spider links.