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About Email Privacy

The Email Privacy Tool that was built by Qwik Tools Kit is a sophisticated application that works extremely well. This programme protects website owners from difficulties relating to email privacy by examining web pages to determine whether or not they contain email links. Additionally, the programme offers comprehensive protection for your email communications by recording all of the incoming and outgoing messages on your website and inspecting your mail folder for any signs of bugs or spam. The operation of this tool couldn't be simpler. Simply click the "Submit" button after entering the website's URL in the text box that has been provided. The Email Privacy tool will indicate that the status is excellent with a "tick" mark if it is determined that your website does not include any problems that are related to email privacy.

How can you protect the privacy of your email account?

The email service providers continually remind their customers to preserve their email privacy by urging them to change their passwords on a regular basis, asking them to report any spam emails they receive, etc. Owners of email accounts can use the following advice to protect their email privacy.Your email account could be hacked and spammed if you post your email addresses on social media or your website.

Share only secure passwords. When you create an email account, the service provider displays a gauge that shows how strong or weak your password is. The ideal choice for any email user is to use an encrypted password. However, keep in mind that it is a challenging task. However, you can record it in a secure location.When using public WiFi or the internet, practise caution.

If you used a public computer to access your email account, be sure to check out and clear your browser's history. If you don't, you risk leaving behind copies of your email that could be abused.If your service provider sends you mail at random, change your password. It must be disregarded. It's possible that a hacker is trying to trick you into changing your password so they can access your account. Inform your email service provider that you have received this notification by contacting them.It goes without saying that you must have email accounts connected to your website if you have one.

The company that provides web hosting services also offers free email addresses. Now, all you need to do is visit our website and use the Email Privacy tool by SEO Tools Kit to check the privacy of these email accounts connected to the website. If you use a free email service and don't take the necessary precautions to protect your private information, email privacy gives you no assurance. Your emails are protected by encryption services, just as they are by keeping your login information secure and secret. However, there is a higher possibility that your email will be used inappropriately if you publish it publicly on social media.

Note: The email id should not be displayed on any website since cybercriminals and spammers can use it for unethical or unlawful purposes if it is displayed online